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Automating your tax processes starts with selecting the right tooling. Fortunately, more and more solutions are available. From dedicated tax tools to broader Performance Management solutions. Or even good old Excel.

At Taxvibes, we believe that there is no ‘best tool’. As independent experts, we first help you to select the right solution for your situation. Then, we implement this solution for you. So that you can build smooth and reliable tax processes.


Intuitive workflow for self-service BI, data blending, data preparation, and advanced analytics.

  • BI and analytics
  • Low coding
  • Single use up to the full organization
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Anaplan logo - Taxvibes tax automation


This cloud-based, enterprise SaaS platform is transforming the way business decisions are made – every day.

  • Flexible for organization and end-users
  • Fast calculation / performance
  • Taxvibes app available
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This cloud-platform combines all your tax, Performance Management, and Business Intelligence flows in one application.

  • Nice look and feel
  • Tax can be integrated with consolidation module
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CCH Tagetik

A unified Performance Management platform for the Office of Finance.

  • Taxvibes template included
  • Integrated approach with financial consolidation
  • Advanced XML output functionality
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Collect and structure all tax relevant data and documents in one single platform using automations, integrations and workflows.

  • Global tax governance and controls
  • Full visibility on tax exposure and risks
  • Real-time dashboards and KPI tracking
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Longview Tax - Taxvibes tax automation

Longview Tax

Corporate Tax Software that connects your tax function to strategy.

  • Designed explicitly for the tax function
  • Various out of the box connections
  • Extensive tax reporting possibilities
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Microsoft Excel

The basis for most tax processes.

  • Understandable by all
  • Easy to adopt
  • Suitable for blueprint / quick wins
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Microsoft Power BI

Unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI).

  • Country-by-Country Reporting dashboards available
  • Easy to connect to various dataflow
  • Tax dashboarding / presentations
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OneStream - Taxvibes tax automation


The OneStream software simplifies and combines all (financial) performance management processes in one platform.

  • Taxvibes tax template available
  • Integrated platform
  • Highly customizable
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Oracle EPM - Taxvibes Tax automation

Oracle EPM

A set of integrated Business and Corporate Performance Management solutions to support strategy and finance.

  • Tax Reporting Cloud Solution
  • Variety of solutions
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Market leader in end-to-end enterprise application software, database, analytics, intelligent technologies, and experience management.

  • Integrated with financial consolidation
  • Variety of solutions
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Many tax departments have embraced Excel over the past years. With Vena, it is a small step to automate your Excel processes.

  • Very user friendly
  • Start small, expand fast
  • Embraces Excel without replacing it
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