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Why Alteryx for tax?

Enter Alteryx — the tax technology solution. With Alteryx, tax professionals no longer must rely on spreadsheets for tax repositories, tax data preparation, and reporting. Alteryx allows tax professionals to bring in disparate data sources, quickly prep and blend data, and report out tax filings. The easy-to-use interface allows for quick updates to complex schedules to ensure that tax filings have the most up-to-date information. Making changes to lengthy schedules, such as depreciation tables, fixed asset roll forwards, or tax credit calculations, can be done quickly and effectively. The drag-and-drop interface of Alteryx also creates easy-to-review, repeatable workflows.

Tax analysts will no longer find themselves reinventing the wheel whenever they are faced with a complicated tax calculation or reporting requirement. With Alteryx, the building blocks for tax are all readily available. Tax technologists and analysts can leverage the Alteryx Platform to blend and prep complex, varying data sources, build workflows to perform the necessary analysis, and report results. Since fixed asset reports and depreciation schedules are often a key focus of tax reporting and audits, the need for accurate records was essential. Tax departments reliant on spreadsheet technology found themselves frustrated with the limitations of reporting and data maintenance.

With Alteryx, these problems disappear. No longer faced with file size limitations, complex schedules can quickly be drafted and maintained on the Alteryx Platform. Changes to the schedule can be made in seconds, not hours, and analysis of depreciation and reporting occurs in a fraction of the time it previously took. With Alteryx, data is not limited. Analysts have their time back to devote to higher analyses and spent less time blending and preparing data.

Alteryx can be used to review large sets of data from multiple sources. For example, the review of data on correct VAT coding or the sample size checks required by the tax departments can be easily set up and maintained with Alteryx.

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