Connected Planning, the next essential software category that joins people together with data and plans to accelerate business success. The cloud-based, enterprise SaaS platform is transforming the way business decisions are made – every day.

  • Flexible for organization and end-users
  • Fast calculation / performance
  • Taxvibes app available

Linking planning of Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, Workforce, Marketing, and IT creates ‘connected planning’.

The arrival of Anaplan has shaken the world of business planning. The solution differs in several respects from traditional EPM products: you can get started right away, even the most elaborate planning models can be calculated in real-time all the way down to the lowest level. The platform can also be visualized on dashboards. In other words: insight anytime, anywhere.

Connected Planning

More and more companies nowadays need more accurate and real-time data from their entire organization. Connected Planning lets you leverage the combined power of technology and people to make the most natural connections in your organization. It accelerates business value by placing the power of planning in the hands of every individual at every level, within and among organizations.

Why Anaplan for tax?

The calculation engine is high-speed. No need to wait for outcomes or calculations. Also, the design is very flexible for end-users. All users can pivot data in the way they want to see it, without changing the data or database itself.

Anaplan is an easy enabler. If you start working with one tax use case, you will, for sure, add other use cases. Only register your data once but use it in various activities.

Anaplan is entirely cloud-based with very detailed options to give access to parts of the models, so if you want to inform your external advisors on data, you can provide them with access. Or, if you wish your external advisors to be part of your process, you can easily give restricted access to specific data points.

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