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Are you Pillar Two ready?

Pillar Two encompasses a comprehensive set of new global corporate tax rules that will significantly impact your business. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure you are well-prepared for these changes. In this blog post, we will delve deep into this important matter, providing valuable insights and guidance.
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Demo: Tax Provisioning in SAP Analytics Cloud

This video provides a firsthand demonstration of how our Tax Reporting solution integrates with SAP Analytics Cloud

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Webinar Pillar Two in OneStream

As of 2024, companies need to be ready for Pillar Two, the new global minimum taxation rules. Pillar Two brings along unprecedented new data requirements and extensive calculations, posing new challenges for tax teams. Our Pillar Two solution for OneStream helps with the full end-to-end process. Our solution is available standalone or as part of our OneStream tax suite. In this webinar we show you some capabilities it offers.

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Tax governance in a platform way

In the tax world of today ‘Tax governance’ is a well-known concept, but it also raises a lot of questions. What means tax governance exactly? What does it mean for my organization? And what should I do regarding tax governance? To answer these questions a good understanding of your tax processes and legislation is necessary.

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Interview Eelco van der Enden, CEO at GRI

Eelco van der Enden, the CEO of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), has a wealth of experience in financial and sustainability senior management roles. What are his insights on the rapidly developing corporate reporting landscape? Learn more in this exclusive interview about Van der Enden’s vision for GRI and how he aims to drive global alignment to reduce cost of compliance for businesses.

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Pillar Two – Gearing up for future regulations starts today

Pillar Two is a comprehensive set of new global corporate tax rules that will have a major impact on your business. Get ahead of the curve and make sure you’re prepared for the changes. In this blog we will deep dive into this matter.

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The Future of Corporate Reporting 2023

On Thursday 23 March 2023, the 10th edition of The Future of Corporate Reporting took place. With experts from leading companies, we discussed the ever-changing world of Corporate Reporting. This year’s theme: Public Accountability.

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IFRS tax template

Just Eat improves its tax reporting process with IFRS tax template in OneStream

Just Eat Take​away​.com is a fast-growing, leading global online food delivery marketplace. Automating its tax processes saves time, improves control, and creates transparency.

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Pillar Two

From pillar to post: practical concerns on Pillar Two

On 1 June 2022 Taxvibes invited tax experts from a wide range of multinationals to participate in a round table meeting on Pillar Two in The Hague. In this article the key takeaways of the meeting are presented.

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tax provisioning template

Royal Cosun automates tax processes with tax provisioning template

Royal Cosun is a cooperative of beet growers originating in the Netherlands but active worldwide. The organization reports under Dutch GAAP and communicates the preliminary yearly results before the audit. Implementing the tax provisioning template in OneStream makes the tax processes faster, more reliable, and more efficient for everyone involved.

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