Collect and structure all tax relevant data and documents in one single platform using automations, integrations and workflows.

  • Global tax governance and controls
  • Full visibility on tax exposure and risks
  • Real-time dashboards and KPI tracking
  • Unlock efficiencies by doing more with less

Why Loctax?

Global tax compliance is a moving target and is becoming more complex. International-first tax concepts are pushing towards global tax transparency while shareholders, customers and employees are demanding strong ESG actions. Loctax provides the In-house tax teams a vision to move beyond the recipes of the past.

Loctax let their users:

  1. Connect with internal and external stakeholders such as legal, finance, treasury, advisors & tax authorities.
  2. Collaborate between in-house tax and their stakeholders with structured and automated workflows for all processes.
  3. Take control on current tax affairs of multinational companies with our operationalized tax control framework.
Joost Klessens

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