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Taxvibes receives CCH Tagetik Pillar 2 award

Thrilled to receive an award from CCH Tagetik! Such milestones cannot be met without wonderful partners, and this is exactly one of our most valued assets: good collaboration with software vendors such as Wolters Kluwer, CCH Tagetik and implementation partners like element61.

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Enable your Tax processes with CCH Tagetik

As a Tax specialist, are you locked into labor intensive data collecting processes? And would you rather spend your valuable time on analysis and supporting business challenges? CCH Tagetik offers the solution!

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‘Dashing through the mud’

The amount of data is ever-growing. A similar growth is seen in the demand for insight into this data. Presenting data in an easy and understandable way for end-users is key to achieve insight for users. Dashboards are the perfect tool for this.

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Tax Reporting Solution

Webinar: Tax Reporting Solution within the Board Platform

Get better insights into tax positions and optimize your entire tax reporting process!

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Spreadsheets in tax

Spreadsheets in tax: beat them, join them, or something in between?

A lot has been said and written about the use and abuse of spreadsheets in Finance. Consulting firms, software vendors, and the likes love to blame the spreadsheet for its risks and inefficiencies. They often promise that all those issues will magically disappear when you get rid of the ‘Excel hell’. But in reality, Excel is not that easy to get rid of.

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Pillar Two

Automated tax reports at W.P. Carey

Real estate company W.P. Carey has to provide separate tax reports for over 250 entities in 30 countries. The multinational company wants to make its tax processes less labor intensive and less time consuming. The Anaplan Tax App replaces 250 Excel-spreadsheets, which makes the processes faster and more stable.

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