As a Tax specialist, are you locked into labor intensive data collecting processes? And would you rather spend your valuable time on analysis and supporting business challenges? Reduce workload and improve collaborations with CCH Tagetik! Taxvibes and Finext joined their forces to help you automate and improve your tax processes. Want to discover our solution? Read on!

The benefits of enabling Tax processes with CCH Tagetik

Within the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) userbase we often see finance departments leveraging their available technologies. Meanwhile Tax departments with similar processes often depend on legacy systems and separate spreadsheets for their key processes. From reporting country-by-country details to the regulators to collecting Tax provisioning and forecasting data. All these processes are often labor intensive and time consuming for the Tax department. What a waste!
By implementing CCH Tagetik, companies are often able to leverage the amount of details necessary for the consolidation into valuable Tax data. This results in significant reduction of the workload for all tax and finance professionals. By enabling the rich data and automation present in most companies, we can bring the departments closer to each other and allow for smart collaboration.

Automate and optimize your tax processes

This development is new in the CPM market. The unique collaboration between the specialists from Finext with Taxvibes has led to exciting new possibilities for CCH Tagetik users. In short, the shared expertise from Finext and Taxvibes gives the CCH Tagetik userbase access to all kinds of smart technologies to automate and improve tax processes, such as:

  • tax provisioning
  • tax forecasting
  • country-by-country reporting

Taxvibes and Finext

The collaboration between Taxvibes and Finext allows customers to learn from the experience of the respective Tax automation and Tagetik specialists. The experience from the two parties also resulted in a unique off-the-shelf product, leading to significantly shorter implementation times. The developed templates are tried-and-tested and have already been implemented at multiple companies. So customers can expect a mature and robust solution to enter the market.

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