Collaboration is key with tax projects

For every tax project it is key to bring together tax, finance, and (business) IT. This is especially important with Pillar 2 projects.

Pillar 2 is a transformation challenge. Use automation to capture the data points and align with the different departments to come to an effective and reliable process. We help you to increase the quality of your tax processes. Saving you time and effort. That’s what we call good vibes in tax.


We work closely with Wolters Kluwer on their CCH Tagetik products to help multinationals with their tax reporting challenges. We have the know-how and experience in improving the company’s tax processes. Taxvibes helps different multinationals with implementing tax solutions that improve the tax provision, CbCR, Pillar 2 process and others.

In the Belgium market, we collaborate with element61, to implement CCH Tagetik solutions. This gives you the ideal combination of knowledge for your project.

The award

During the partner community event Taxvibes was awarded with the First Belgium Pillar II Triangulation deal 2023 award. We are very proud of this award as this recognizes one of our most valued assets: good collaboration with software vendors such as Wolter Kluwer, CCH Tagetik and implementation partners like element61.

Gergana Videva

How can we help?

Interested to hear more on our collaboration with both software and implementation partners or want to discuss your tax reporting challenges, feel free to reach out.

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