Webinar: Tax Reporting Solution within the Board Platform

Many labor-intensive tax and finance activities and insights to your tax position can be improved? As you may know too much manual work leads to human errors. Fixing this will cost you much more time and effort. Do you also want to spend fewer hours on this and more on activities that contribute to the entire tax reporting process? The newly released Tax solution in Board will help you reduce the amount of manual and labor-intensive activities and creates more insight into the tax positions.

Tax Reporting Solution

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The Tax Provisioning solution

The Tax Provisioning solution have been developed by a combined team of Board and Tax specialists. Experts of both Finext and Taxvibes joined forces to create the solution, which is easy to integrate into the Board platform with other finance and business processes. Board gives you the opportunity to create a single platform for all your business needs.

This Board Tax Reporting solution based on a proven Tax template, which has been developed by Taxvibes specialists and is used by many multinationals worldwide. Watch the recording of the webinar back down this page.

Benefits of Board Tax provisioning solution

The Tax provisioning solution for Board will give you several benefits:

  • Spend less time on endless reconciliation of tax reports to their source data
  • Prevent and catch mistakes in the tax calculations with the intelligent Board model.
  • Re-use the data for the purposes of tax risk management and tax opportunities.
  • Create and increase tax awareness within the entire organization.
  • The possibility of integration with other Board applications such as Board Financial Consolidation and other Performance Management applications
  • User self-sufficiency: Develop and maintain sophisticated reports quickly and with minimal support

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