Taxvibes and Vena Solutions establish Strategic Partnership

Taxvibes, a leading direct tax automation provider, enters a strategic partnership with Vena Solutions, the only Complete Planning Platform natively integrated with Microsoft 365. This collaboration will allow us to offer Vena's deep FP&A capabilities, AI-powered insights and robust data governance into the tax market.

Patrick van Gerven, Founder at Taxvibes

“We are thrilled to work with Vena Solutions,” said Patrick van Gerven, Founder at Taxvibes. “This partnership brings together our tax automation know-how with one of the markets leading Microsoft centric CPM solutions. By collaborating, we are set to further enable the tax functions of multinational companies to also use Vena Solution to address their tax challenges. A modern cloud-based solution with a familiar Excel interface, powerful database and embedded Power BI capabilities offers powerful CPM with fast time to value and low total cost of ownership. This will make a difference in our market.”

Alex Wood, VP Global Channels at Vena Solutions

“We are delighted to collaborate with Taxvibes, an established and trusted organisation in the direct tax automation space. Recognised as strategic and trusted advisors, the aim in partnering is to empower our shared clients to enhance, modernise and future-proof their direct tax processes. Welcome to the Vena family Taxvibes!’’

About Vena

Vena is the Only Complete Planning Platform Natively Integrated with Microsoft 365. Unleash next-level productivity, plan faster with powerful financial insights and unlock your capacity for strategic decision making. Vena leverages industry-leading AI, flexible analytical data modelling and the tools teams already know including Excel, PowerPoint and Power BI, which transforms data into meaningful insights that drive agile, business wide growth. Over 1,900 of the world’s leading companies power their growth with Vena.

About Taxvibes

Taxvibes is made up of 30 experienced consultants in the tax reporting area who know what it takes to create direct tax automation and have done so in 120+ projects. From tax provisioning, Pillar Two and automation around transfer pricing calculations and tax forecasting, Taxvibes are here to help.

We use Vena Solutions to create opportunities for increased optimisation in organisations. Combining the knowledge of experienced consultants in the tax reporting area with Vena’s deep FP&A domain expertise, we understand how to offer best practice advice around automating and streamlining your tax reporting processes and much more.

More information?

Ready to transform your tax automation with cutting-edge FP&A capabilities and AI insights? Reach out to learn how the strategic partnership between Taxvibes and Vena Solutions can optimize your tax processes.

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