Taxvibes Pillar 2 model

Webinar: How to optimize your Pillar Two framework in OneStream?

We have designed a Pillar Two solution that will help you with the full end-to-end process. In this webinar we will show you how to optimize your framework with this solution!

Effectively 1 January 2024, a global minimum tax is delivered to our doorstep by the OECD, mostly known as “Pillar Two”. The new regulations apply to groups with an annual turnover of more than EUR 750 million.

Pillar Two requires you to organize appropriate controls in order to comply with the minimum taxation rule of 15%. Around 140 countries worldwide have already agreed to implement Pillar Two in their national legislation. This brings along unprecedented new data requirements, extensive calculations and changes in internal processes.

Full end-to-end process Pillar Two solution

Taxvibes designed a Pillar Two solution for OneStream that helps with the full end-to-end process. The solution is available as a standalone solution, or as part of our OneStream tax suite.

The emphasis of this webinar will be on how to take finance further by focusing on three elements: collect, calculate, control.

  • Collect: address your data(point) challenge
  • Calculate: the easiest part
  • Control: the best process for your company and how to engage stakeholders

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