Anaplan Country-by-Country Reporting

Governments around the globe demand more transparency and information from multinational companies, increasing the risk of controversy. Country-by-country reporting requires a robust collection of relevant data in a consistent format across the international group. The reality is that companies battle with diverse ERP systems, data formats, and collecting structured and unstructured data.

Country-by-Country Reporting

Independent advice on the right tooling

We are software-solution-agnostic and can guide and support you through the design and implementation of a suitable solution within your own reporting environment, or with the vendor selection of an add-on solution.

With respect to the filing of your Country-by-Country report, we can prepare accurate XML Country-by-Country reports for submission to the relevant tax authorities. The end-to-end process of CbCR is supported by:

  • data collection, interpretation and processing of source data (fiscal and financial) for CbCR;
  • integration of CbCR input and output reports in your reporting environment;
  • technical validation of the CbCR data and conversion to the correct data file format;
  • submission to the relevant tax authorities irrespective of which country.

Automating the tax processes and integrating the various systems containing data will make the whole process of CbCR reporting less time-consuming and more reliable.

Watch the video

For our Country-by-Country Reporting solution built in Anaplan, please watch the video below:

  • Anaplan Country-by-Country macbook

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