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Enable your Tax processes with CCH Tagetik

As a Tax specialist, are you locked into labor intensive data collecting processes? And would you rather spend your valuable time on analysis and supporting business challenges? CCH Tagetik offers the solution!

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‘Dashing through the mud’

The amount of data is ever-growing. A similar growth is seen in the demand for insight into this data. Presenting data in an easy and understandable way for end-users is key to achieve insight for users. Dashboards are the perfect tool for this.

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More value by tax provisioning

Get more value with the OneStream Tax Provisioning Template!

The process of tax provisioning causes peaks each reporting period. The internal process of retrieving and evaluating all relevant data for the tax closing process makes this workload even heavier. Fortunately, a new Tax Provisioning Template for OneStream XF can make your entire tax process more effective.

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Tax Reporting Solution

Webinar: Tax Reporting Solution within the Board Platform

Get better insights into tax positions and optimize your entire tax reporting process!

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Launch Taxvibes makes tax automation easier

Increasingly, organizations are looking for ways to automate their tax processes. Not surprisingly, since tax automation reduces the amount of repetitive manual activities. At the same time, it improves the quality and reliability of tax reporting. The newly launched Taxvibes helps organizations to make tax automation easier.

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Spreadsheets in tax

Spreadsheets in tax: beat them, join them, or something in between?

A lot has been said and written about the use and abuse of spreadsheets in Finance. Consulting firms, software vendors, and the likes love to blame the spreadsheet for its risks and inefficiencies. They often promise that all those issues will magically disappear when you get rid of the ‘Excel hell’. But in reality, Excel is not that easy to get rid of.

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OneStream XF

How to use OneStream XF for your tax processes

More and more companies are starting to automate their tax processes. Not surprisingly, as tax automation makes your tax accounting faster, easier and more reliable. And the good news is that you can now use your OneStream XF platform for your end-to-end tax reporting. Tax expert Bas van Eijk and OneStream consultant Jorrit Jan Boonstra explain how to move your tax processes from Excel to OneStream XF. Which benefits will this move give you? And what will it look like?

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Country-by-Country Reporting

Anaplan Country-by-Country Reporting

Governments around the globe demand more transparency and information from multinational companies, increasing the risk of controversy. Country-by-country reporting requires a robust collection of relevant data in a consistent format across the international group. The reality is that companies battle with diverse ERP systems, data formats, and collecting structured and unstructured data.

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TaxVibe employee recording webinar

Webinar: Uncertain Tax Positions (IFRIC23) & Longview Tax

Tax provisioning is a highly complex area that is in both the tax and the accounting domain. Within many Finance departments tax is often conceived as slowing down the close cycle as a whole. The new rules on uncertain tax provisions (IFRIC 23) can add to the complexity. In our webinar we have shown how these changes might affect your tax position.

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Automated tax by Louwman

Automated tax reporting with Board Tax Template at Louwman

Louwman Group, one of the largest automotive companies in Europe, is innovative and ambitious. The family business wants to be able to adequately respond to the rapidly changing trends in the mobility world with new revenue models. The implementation of Board supports this ambition with improved processes for integrated planning, consolidation, and tax reporting.

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